Clarity and Peace through Coaching

Together We Can

I struggled for so long in my life, believing I had to do what others wanted and that I had to do it all alone. These beliefs are exhausting, but also not true. Support is here for me and it is here for you.  This is your time to do it differently!

My own coaches have empowered me, they have strengthened my personal knowing, they have enabled me to step into peace and clarity of vision, so that I have been able to truly transform my life and become a coach myself.

And now I have come to share my vast experience with you.

Together we can

Discover the Peaceful You – in your parenting, personal and business relationships
Build your inner knowing and create outer joy, lightness and abundance
Find what you truly love doing
Discover how having fun can manifest your dreams

You really don’t have to go it alone! It’s time for transformation – today -right now!

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One 60-minute session

In this session you can receive help for what is bothering you right now – from addressing a core issue to moving to the peace of the moment. CHF 180

Three 60-minute sessions

In these facilitations you move into the field of peace, allowing the past to dissolve and the future become joyful. CHF 500

Six 60-minute Sessions

In these sessions you heal on a core level, releasing old programmes and becoming the creator you truly are. CHF 900

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