Hallo, I am Hilary Stocker, Life Transformation Coach
and Body Worker. I am here to listen and truly support you, so you can finally leave behind an everyday life of chronic stresses, struggles, and seemingly impossible to attain goals.

Working together we can bring you into what I call “Peace Beyond Understanding”; the basis of all true creativity, inspiration, acceptance, compassion and healing.

“I gently and powerfully guide people just like you from overwhelm, worry and exhaustion
to a place where you feel harmony and a profound sense of ease in body and mind.”

You are in the right place if you want:

Peace and joy in everyday life
To see new possibilities as attainable
To be an inspiration to others
To be the best parent you can
To thrive in a brand new country
Freedom and ease of physical movement
Simplicity in empowerment

“I am blessed to have these clientele and more that have been drawn to me
to assist them in fulfilling their life path work.
I am here to help you achieve your goals and find your own special brand of peacefulness.”

“Hilary, thank you so much for your supportive, engaging and insightful facilitation!
I felt loved and cared for, at peace and at home in your sacred space.
Remaining heart-centred throughout the session seemed easy breezy and I so appreciate
receiving my own inner guidance about next action steps to take in my endeavors.
Our shared insights on deep surrender were truly expansive. What awesome way to conclude our session
with the chirping birds’ magical toning!”

Armila, Vancouver BC Canada

“Hilary,our session today was amazing. I had so much trust and the vibrational connection was very strong,
yet gentle at the same time. Information is given when you speak and key words unlock and heal,
activating my energy flow. Today, I have healed so much of my family and inner child density.
I am truly grateful.”

Dorota, Spain

“Each of the sessions I have had with Hilary has been increasingly powerful and insightful.
We move with gentleness and ease as Hilary creates trust and confidence; this has enabled me
to move through many fears and I leave feeling uplifted, aware of new possibilities.
I highly recommend working with Hilary. “

Ann, England

“The sessions I have experienced with Hilary are one of a kind!  I felt and knew she was there with me
as I moved through feelings, emotions, remembered life events, (current and past)….
She listens and hears me when I speak, and when I am resisting or stuck she is able to hold me in that space…
allowing the unfolding to happen. She is able to intuit strands of thoughts, feelings, words…..
holding the space for my Self to move into what is presenting for me…..
whether that is tears of joy, waves of anger, or fear causing my body to literally quake in terror.
Her ability to allow…and to hold me in love, is such a gift! I have felt seen, heard,
held and witnessed as the unique soul that I am! What a gift!”

Michelle, USA