Rediscover what true relaxation can feel like


Many people have described my Trager work as a mini vacation. I move my client’s body with kind and gentle motions such as elongation and rocking to induce deep relaxation and peace. Both your body and mind are allowed to release old patterns, resulting in in movement which becomes increasingly light, free and graceful and a mind which gradually detaches from stress.

My clients also choose Trager for:

Back and neck problems
Prevention and treatment of sports’ injuries
Headaches and stress-related conditions
Easing the stresses and strains of pregnancy
Pain relief

I also teach gentle self-care exercises (mentastics ®) for continuing Trager at home.

I am accredited for Trager by EMR, ASCA and EGK

“Trager allows me to slowly let go of tension, both in my body and mind, so
that I have the sense of just being”.
Peter, Switzerland

Foot Reflexology

During a foot Reflexology session, I massage and manipulate specific areas of the foot, which relaxes and raises the energy levels of various organs and muscles.

Foot Reflexology can:

Bring relief from headache and migraine
Support healing from critical diseases
Balance the side-effects of many standard treatments
Help to improve metabolism and energy creation processes.

I consider Foot Reflexology to be a highly effective and enjoyably relaxing bodywork technique.

“In the years that I have been treated by Hilary Stocker, I have witnessed
the accumulative benefits of Trager, and my body is far more in tune than it has ever been.

I cannot say enough about the wholesome,healing effects of Hilary’s Trager work”.
Joseph, Switzerland


In our day-to-day routines, we can easily get out of balance and entire muscle groups can be virtually unused. I use massage to ease muscle aches and pains to counteract all the sitting we do during the day and improve body mobility.

I find massage:
Brings fresh bloodflow to the entire body
Soothes anxiety and depression
Improves sleep
Assists immunity building
Allows you to let go of physical and emotional stresses
Enables you to feel more like you

“”The sessions I have experienced with Hilary are one of a kind! I felt and knew she was there with me
as I moved through feelings, emotions, remembered life events, (current and past)….She listens
and hears me when I speak, and when I am resisting or stuck she is able to hold me in that space….
Michelle, US